Saturday, December 27, 2008

How To Setup Speckled Trout Fishing Rigs

Speckled trout fishing is more than just a way to pass time for many people. It's a sport and hobby that is fun and entertaining. Specks are game fish and sought after by many anglers. One reason they are so popular is because they can be quite a challenge. They have an amazing ability to thrash around and put up a fight you won't forget even though they're not as big as some of the other game fish around.

You can find the speckled trout in underwater structures and in the shallows. They stay around depressions, sandbars, drop-offs, flats and oyster beds to name a few. So you can see they are easy to locate which is one reason they are sought after by so many anglers. When it comes to bait, live shrimp and worms are a couple of the favorite options that most anglers use.

When fishing for specks it's suggested that you fish around boat docks, rock piles, bridges, fallen trees and stumps. One of the most popular ways to catch this species is with rigs. The most popular choice is the Carolina rig, especially when you are fishing on the bottom of the water. The dry fly/dropper rig is the next popular choice when fishing for specks.

Setting Up Speckled Trout Fishing Rigs

To be successful when using these methods you need to know how to setup speckled trout fishing rigs correctly. When setting up the Carolina rig you start by sliding the weight onto the bare end of the fishing line followed by the bead.

These are left to move loosely up and down the line. Next, you need to attach the leader line. The leader line has a hook on one end and a swivel on the other. The length of the leader line varies according to where you are fishing but the average length is between twenty-four and thirty-six inches. Use a weight to help get the bait down to the bottom where the specks are. This rig also works great when fishing around structures.

If you are fishing with flies you will find that using a dry fly and a dropper rig will be very effective. Anglers like this method because it allows you to fish with two different flies at the same time, which doubles your odds of catching a speck. To set-up this rig you need to start with a large dry buoyant fly. It needs to be light enough that it will hold up the dropper and not sink.

If it's too heavy you will be spending too much time reeling in and casting your line instead of actually fishing. Now attach the fly to the leader.

Next, you need to tie your dropper line to the bend with a clinch knot. This can be tied to the hook or the eye, whichever you prefer. The length of the dropper will depend on where you are fishing and how deep the water is. Tie a small nymph to the end of the tippet and the set-up is finished. Choose a fly that is similar to the natural food source the speckled trout are feeding on. Make sure you use a weighted dropper so the line will stay tight. Slack in the line will cause you to miss a lot of bites.

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