Friday, May 6, 2011

Tackle Tip: Fishing Knots - How To Tighten Them So They Don't Come Loose

By []Pete Nalleweg

As someone who previously used to have to ask for help with tightening down my fishing knots so they wouldn't come undone, I understand how embarrassing it can be to not be able to tie your own knots.

So instead of annoying your fishing buddy by constantly asking for help, or losing gear and fish to loose knots when you try to tighten them on your own, use these easy tricks to get your fishing knots nice and tight.

Getting knots tight is not a matter of strength. Children have the ability to do it if they know how, no matter how slippery your monofilament line is. You just have to use the right techniques.

1. Lubricate your knot before tightening it.

Dish soap is the recommended lubricant, as it will not damage your line. It's a good idea to keep a small squeeze bottle of dish soap in your tackle box or the pocket of your fishing vest. However, you can use saliva in a pinch.

Making the knot slippery with lubricant will help your knot slide nicely into place when you tighten it.

2. Don't rush when you tie your knots.

If you're not paying proper attention and rushing to get your knot tied, that is when mistakes happen. Take the time to ensure your knot has the right number of wraps for the weight and type of your line, that it is nicely lubricated, and that you have made it good and secure.

Those extra few seconds you take to tie your fishing knot can mean the difference between landing that trophy fish or loosing it.

3. Use pliers on heavier lines.

Tying knots on heavier weight monofilament line can be tricky, as it doesn't want to bend to your will as easily as a lighter line. A small pair of pliers attached to your fishing vest can be a lifesaver in this case. I keep mine on a retractable line so they can't get lost.

Use the pliers to tighten down the knot when you fingers can't get it nice and snug.

4. Don't use your teeth to tighten your knots.

Fishing line is harder than the enamel in your teeth. If you constantly use your teeth to pull the line tight or to cut your line, you risk wearing a notch into your teeth. Try explaining that one to your dentist!

If you need to use something to grip the line, use pliers and save your teeth.

5. Wear gloves when tying knots in super braid line.

Super braid fishing line is notorious for cutting up fishermen's hands when tying knots. So to protect yourself, use a pair of gloves when using this type of line.

If you follow the tricks above, your fishing knots will be nice and tight and the fish will make it into your boat every time.

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